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Imprinted Concrete Restoration

Imprinted concrete is a very hardwearing surface, used extensively across the UK for the construction of driveways and patios. There are also many commercial premises that have areas laid with imprinted concrete. Although the concrete is very durable, it does require ongoing maintenance and this may involve re-sealing and possibly re-colouring the concrete every few years.

Common faults:

  • Frost damage
  • Lifting of surfaces
  • Colour loss
  • Extremely slippery surface
  • Cracks from expansion joints
  • All of the above are common faults and we can easily rectify any of these problems.

    We recommend that if you have imprinted concrete that you should seal it every two years this will prevent surface exposure, cracking and colour loss. If you have imprinted concrete paving and it has been laid for more than five years that it's overdue its maintenance check and will require at least a coat of protective sealant.

    The process of cleaning requires using a high powered rotary cleaner to remove any algae, moss and dirt from the surface. When this area is clean and dry we can repair any minor damage to the surface where cracks may have appeared using a very strong repair filler. It is then ready for us to apply two coats of sealer with an anti-slip additive and a colour enhancer returning your drive back to its original condition.


    • Imprinted Concrete Restoration Before


    • Imprinted Concrete Restoration After